As a young man the director of Vestige Costume LTD was interested in fashion and this finally led him to start collecting impressive vintage clothing. He soon discovered a niche in the market and expanded his collection of suits,  to few thousands from formal evening wear, town and country to contemporary designer and business suits. He also added a big range of white tie and morning suits.

Now All classes are catered for across the various eras. From  daywear to evening wear.  The archive reflects years of keen and selective collecting by Asghar himself, who has scoured flea markets, second hand shops and auctions all over the world for more than 20 years. We have many one off pieces that tell stories. These items are used or well used bikers and jeans jackets, skin head clothing and mod clothing.

Among our range of accessories we have an impressive selection of eyewear We also stock a large range of watches for both men and women.

We have supplied many renown  productions from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy to The Batman and Empire of Light which is coming soon to world cinemas.

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