We specialize in vintage costumes and clothing covering a period from the 1950s to the 1990s ranging from formal wear, office wear, town and country, and country clothing to streetwear. We have an extensive range of white ties and morning suits. We also have a small but exciting selection of modern business and designer suits, for both men and women.

We house an extensive range of vintage suits from dinner, and velvet to casual as well as a variety of different style jackets such as moleskin, leather, deni,m, or velvet jackets. Our collection contains bikers’ jackets, skinheads,d, and mod clothing.  We can supply a selection of heavy-duty coats, sheepskin,n,, and knitwear as well as lightweight Mackintosh coats, blazers, dress shirts, shirts, mixed tops,s and trousers both deni,m,, and Farah.  Furthermore, we own an extensive selection of vintage shoes in various styles and sizes, both men and women.

In addition, we stock ladies’ vintage wear such as coats, capes, suits, skirts, dresses, shirts, and more.

We possess between 50,000 to 60,000 pieces of clothing, including countless accessories such as hats, scarves, ties, cravats, gloves, braces, bags, belts, handkerchiefs, cummerbunds, swimwear/beachwear, eyewear,r, and over 200 watches.

All class groups are catered for across various fashion eras. Some items in our possession are unique well used and have stories attached to them. These, together with our whole collection, reflect years of keen and selective collecting and visits to flea markets, second-hand shops,, and auctions over the last 20 years. Should any specific pieces of clothing may are required and not in our possession, we will be able to source these for you and provide period styling advice through our associate designers and stylists.

Sugar! 2018

A look at a restored sweet shop that was destroyed during the war.

Director: Howard Stean
Writers: Alberto BonaHoward SteanCostumer designer: Asghar cheraghzadeh


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